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pillow talk

We have all had our moments of breakdown...your family too? Luckily (*knocks on wood), none of our fallings apart have come at the exact same time, so there are always three of us waiting--six hands--to pull the other out. ⁣

Poor Lucy felt it--ALL OF IT-- last night, long after the rest of the world had gone to sleep. We lay face to face in the dark, letting our whispers work it out. ⁣

Her words echoed my own thoughts so perfectly, and it wasn’t until I heard them in hushed breath across a shared pillow that I allowed them to make sense. She said, “I know I shouldn't be sad. I know we are really lucky that we live here and can spend so much time outside...but I’m still SAD. And FRUSTRATED. And I’m MAD. But mostly sad.“ ⁣

Me too sweet girl, me too.⁣

But I realized, it’s ok to be sad and frustrated and angry at all of it. We can still hold feelings of gratitude while holding the feelings of everything else. Our hands are big, hearts unrestrained in their beating, souls promise room for everything we need to carry at once (good and bad). ⁣

Yes there are people much worse off than we are, we can feel for them too. There are also people better off than us--and they are allowed to hurt as well. The world will always work this way: better and worse, most of us floating somewhere in the doesn't mean we don't have permission to FEEL. ⁣

It’s the FEELING that brings us all together, despite how different we otherwise may be. ⁣

So today, FEEL. The highest highs, the lowest lows, the inbetween where we all lay down at night face to face, tears on our pillows, whispers in the dark. ⁣

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