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my life, in 24 hours

Most would just use a calendar,

measuring time as the years pass, one by one.

But I feel like my life has flown by

in only hours.

The first hour I remember

my earliest, I’m laughing;

gasping through giggles.

Wild hair in my face,

the sun was shining through the window.

Endless evening hours

Montana summer, a sun refusing to set.

Barefoot, I run down the street

Mom whistled, called us home.

It was hours ago,

I was on horseback, nowhere to be but right there

under the big sky.

I can still smell the sweat as I brush the ol’ buckskin dry.

The hour spent learning the dance of gas and clutch,

dusty backroads,

only the cows could see my missteps.

In an hour, I became an adult.

Graduating highschool

new life, new world,

falling in love in less than an hour,

all in the same breath.

An hour of labor

an hour of up all night

an hour of not understanding how to do it all,

but loving every minute, all sixty.

Baby boy.

Soon repeating the hours,

Baby girl.

Wasn’t it just hours ago, I sent both to school

and sat for the first time

in a house to myself?

I took a nap for an hour.

When I woke, I found myself in school,

hours of study and tests and papers

doubts turned to satisfaction of all

the hours spent.

Only an hour ago, the clock struck twelve

new year, new decade,

the bars of our hopes set high.

And an hour later

we all watched them shatter.

We have laughed and cried about this for hours.

One hour ago, I swear it,

I had nothing to do but sit in the summer sun and watch my garden grow.

It took an hour to harvest

an hour to watch it all fall back to the earth.

In the last hour, I crawled from the sheets,

morning sun forgetting to shine.

My kids will soon ask,

Mom, when is dinner?

It’s in an hour,


no one


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