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love is...

What is love?

It is needed, right now,

I do know that.

Love can be the usual--

the candy and the hearts and the flowers,

though this has never been my favorite kind of love.

Love is cliche.

Love gently wakes you in the night,

the feeling of blankets being pulled over you,



you settle in.

Love is simple.

Love is sitting hip to hip

realizing your exhale is their inhale,

the same breath, one instead of two.

Love is breathing.

LOVE, is steady.

LIKE, will come and go,

interchanging with annoyances and eye rolls. Love never leaves,

it waits.

Love is patient.

Love is long nights, pacing, with babes who refuse to sleep.

Love is walking the same halls, waiting for babes to return,

older, grown, still refusing sleep.

Love never sleeps.

Love is a call from a friend,

how are you? Love is a question. Love is a long road

sometimes smooth,

sometimes unpaved,

sometimes you don’t even know where you are going

until you get there--

aaaahhhh, love.

Love is the journey,

love is the destination.

Love is not understanding you,

but trying.

Love is work.

Love is not meant for us to keep to ourselves;

we pass it down to our children

over to our neighbors

across the table,

across the globe

to strangers.

Love is to be exchanged.

Love is a collection

of words and actions

of color of shape of size.

Love is common and rare.

Love is a treasure.

Love is saying,

I don’t know, but let’s find out together.

Love is better today,

than it was yesterday.

Love is the light that fills the divide

the rain in the dessert

the balm for the tired soul.

Love is the glue,

hold tight until it dries.

Love is loud,

shouted from rooftops,

sung in songs

danced with in the street.

Love is silent,

a whisper in the wind.


may not be all we need,

but it is a start,

the best start.

I will start today;

love is saying, you will too.

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