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eyes to eyes

Who else remembers…

Sometimes I try to imagine back, 

a time before we carried the world in the palm of our hands, 

a little black box.

Black hole. 

What did we do, when we woke up in the morning? 

What...who, did we reach for? 

Did we take moment, to open our eyes, 

lie in the sheets, still warm with sleep, 

and ponder our dreams

from the night before, or the day ahead?

Where have dreams gone? 

What did we do while we waited? 

In cars, in lines, in life? 

How did we fill our pauses, 

those moments between inhale and exhale?

Did we talk to strangers? Did we take an extra breath? Did we hold on to a moment 

savor it for ourselves, to just...BE?

In our bodies, our brains, our purpose.

To be.

Does anyone remember? What I do remember, 

is that conversations were had with full attention; 

eyes to eyes. 

Do eyes have color anymore--have you noticed?

Thoughts were spoken and received without distraction, 

without scroll, 

empty hands ready to hold our words.

What if we watched

the world,


OUR life, as it was unfolding in front of us; 

instead of the glow of someone else's life 

reflecting off our tired faces, our eyes without color.

My eyes,

are green.

Has anyone noticed?

What will they see,

what will I reach for

what will I remember


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