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earth day

Dear Earth,

Thank you. For all of it. 

I grew up spoiled; the Montana sky is so big the sun takes longer to rise and set--extra light illuminating the plains for the little girl who roamed them. When I smell the river it takes me back to my earliest days--sun bleached hair and dirt on my face. Dad is fishing, mom is making lunch, I am building mud castles on the banks with my brother and sister. And that’s where it started--when my roots began to grow.

We’ve definitely had our share of rough patches, Earth. You’ve bloodied my knees and stolen skin from my elbows--scraped off in desert canyons and left forgotten where the sun doesn’t shine. You’ve chased me off mountain tops with lightning and blown me sideways and backwards as I ran back to my car (I’m sure you were laughing the whole time--I was not). You’ve made me take cover in the backseat of a car with my sister when we were just pups; softball sized hail on the way home from our softball game, how appropriate. 

But you are always, ALWAYS there for me. Your rain has hid my tears, your sun has dried them up. You’ve let me throw my troubles in the ground and bury them with my bare hands, transforming them into blooms. You turn your head so the sun can set, and I can try again tomorrow. 

You are a true beauty. From your highest oxygen deprived peaks to your deepest darkest oceans, you know how to work your every angle. You look good in the lushest of greens and the most arid of reds. You flaunt your flaws and they only add to your beauty; giant crack in your surface? Let’s call it Grand! Boiling water flaring up and spewing your fury into the sky? The crowds will gather to see it. 

You sing in the mornings, my favorite sound to wake up to. You leave salt on my lips long after the waves have dried off my body, my favorite taste. Your wildflowers smell of a perfume that could never be bottled up, my favorite smell. 

The feeling of laying on, playing on, sitting with, standing over, running through, biking down, laughing at, crying for, listening to, consuming myself with favorite feeling. 

Thank you, my friend.

All my love,


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