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The world is spinning out of control. 


it's not. 

The world is actually spinning at the same reasonable pace she has been spinning at, well...forever. Since she first learned to spin, way back in the day. 

So why does it feel so furious lately? I have learned in my old age (and have to remind myself every day) that there are exactly one billion things in this life I cannot control, try as I might. So when things start to feel out of line, like the earth is a bit off her rocker, I really try to take a step back and think about this: what CAN I control? What do I get to choose, just for me? What can I slow to my own lazy pace, what can I skip over, speed up, or add more chocolate to?

I can breathe deeply. Deep down, all the way into my belly--nice and full-- instead of up in my chest where I only get half a breath. Innnnnnnnnhale, and out. And repeat.

I can wake up early, before the sun, 

OR I can sleep in. Both are equally necessary in my life. I can control what I consume.

I can turn off, put down, and stay informed without becoming overwhelmed (this takes effort!)

I can be kind. Share kindness. Hope for kindness. Believe in kindness.  

I can decide what I eat and how I want to eat it. I can let the peach juice run alllllll the way down my arm, and choose not to care. 

I get to choose what I want to study and learn about, and I can learn as much or as little in a day as I like--how lucky am I?!

I can choose who I want to share a conversation, a meal, a trailside gummy bear with. 

I can choose my words. 

I can often choose how I spend my time--not always, some of this is predetermined, isn’t it? But time that is truly, 100% mine to spend, I want to count it out and spend it wisely. 

I can’t always choose my thoughts. But I CAN try my hardest to control which thoughts I give my time and energy to.

I always have the option of one scoop or two (always two, it’s actually not really a choice).

I’d love to know, what are you choosing today? 

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