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What a weird time to be alive.

I keep hearing this phrase over and over--I’ve even said it myself. Repeatedly. None of us have ever experienced anything quite like this, and it’s hard to know what to expect or how to act--it’s all so complicated. It’s frustrating. It’s interesting to see how each day unfolds (what day is today, anyway?) The fact that we are all so connected through technology both magnifies the issue at hand, while simultaneously making the world feel smaller; perspectives expanded and squeezed together as the days pass by.

While it is definitely a weird time, I have been thinking more about the last half of the phrase: 


What does that even mean?

Take a breath.





Put your hands on your chest. Do you feel that? Your aliveness? 

When this whole thing first started, I think we all saw the same encouraging and inspiring messages floating around the internet--the inventions and great works of art that were born out of previous quarantines throughout history. 

I thought “hey! that can be me! I’ll write my book! Maybe try my hand at painting! What if I’m the next Picasso, and it took this virus for me to discover it (note: I do not even paint). I’m going to learn languages and musical instruments! I’m going to organize my house and tackle all the projects and spend all my time being nothing short of AMAZING!”

But then I decided I didn’t want to be that amazing.

Sure I’ve been taking more time to write. I've been cooking and baking (maybe too much?), spending time reading--things I can’t normally do every day due to time constraints. But I have settled in and realized it’s OK not to worry about producing greatness around the clock. 

Maybe my greatest work of all will be just taking the time to BE. Be human. Be myself. BE with my family. 

BE alive. 

What a time.

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