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What day is today?

Up with the sun

writing in the window, rays streaming through the trees. 

My first taste of sunlight for the day.

Kids making messes/waffles, insistent today’s batch is the best.

Feet on the dirt--DIRT! No snow underfoot, up up up we go. 

Sitting up high, eyes closed, sprawled over a rock; almost convinced my body it was in the desert. Spring break.

Back down the mountain, finally, a tired pup. 

Solving the world’s problems with my neighbor through the fence,

both of us realizing the luxury of having the space to be neighborly.

First sunburn of the year (I swore I wouldn’t get a sunburn this year...although nothing is really going as planned in 2020...) 

Seed planting; a sprinkle of dirt, a prayer a wish a hope they will grow,

feed our bellies and souls.

Fingers and toes in the earth, sun sinking,

melting behind the mountain. 

A promise of another day tomorrow,

a chance to do it all again.

I wash the day's salt off my skin.

I’ll sleep well tonight.

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