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seeing: Spring is slowly sneaking into the mountains. Green on the valley floor, buds reaching up towards the sky. 

hearing: 3 different songs from 3 different bedrooms. Everyone working from home is not a quiet endeavor. 

feeling: The feelings. ALL of them. Name one and I’ve probably felt

smelling: My sourdough bread starter. It smells good and bread-y. But man this whole thing is a process. Feed it or it will die. Keep it warm and cozy or it will die. Look at it wrong: DEAD. It is the Goldilocks of all of my culinary adventures. 

baking: not sourdough bread. This rising process is no joke.

missing: My friends. I need a hand to hold in the river, and some late night campfire songs soon.

waiting: for life to open up again 

driving: Robby and I used to load up the kids and the dog when everyone was little and easily worn out, and drive around for hours, exploring backroads and frontroads and roads everyone had forgotten about. Last weekend was cold and rainy and we were going stir crazy in the house, so we decided to go for a drive. We found a new road, in the very corner of our county and drove until the pavement turned to dirt to mud to slop to snow to WHOA. Too much snow, better turn around.

dating: Robby has been running with me. RUNNING. The world must be ending.

worrying: yes. but sometimes no.

feeling: (again, because it can be so much): life can be hard. But it can also be sweet. And beautiful. And beautifully hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

exploring: further and further up the trail on my own two feet. The snow is melting, my brain begs to go higher.

craving: The desert. Sand stuck between my toes and in my teeth. So many stars that I can’t sleep at night because they light up my mind when I try to drift off.

teaching: I am not. The kids have deemed me as non-essential, and will do school on their own, thankyou.

growing: mostly hopes at this point. We planted some greens in our makeshift greenhouse, and anxiously await their sprouting.

remembering: to inhale, all of this.

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