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Remember when we would say “hey! What movie should we see tonight after we go out to eat?”

Remember when I didn’t have limes for guacamole so you stopped at the store after work? Just one thing, an easy stop to make.

Remember when you went to work? Remember the quiet mornings I had, tea in hand, kids at school. 

Remember when the kids would get home from school, and I would say “tell me! What did you learn?” 

Remember how they always learned “nothing”? 

Remember late nights with friends, sharing food and loud laughter? Remember plans? Dreaming them up and making them come to life? Remember trips to the desert in springtime? Warm sun on winter skin, a hundred million stars shining just for us?

Remember when we had trust in being close? Felt safe in small spaces?

Remember living without the worry, the what ifs, the maybe somedays? 

But, remember.

Today. Right now. This pause in life. This moment.

TODAY will be tomorrow’s “remember when”.

Remember when we had all the time?

The kids, to ourselves.

The realization of what is most important. 

Remember when we were more conscious of our consumption? 

Remember when we were creative for the sake of being creative?

Remember lunch in the middle of a workday? Together?

Remember when we were contained in four walls, and the memories we made to fill that space?

Remember the safety of home? 

Remember living with the worry, the what ifs, the maybe somedays...and remember how that shaped us?

Remember how we made it through?

I remember. 

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