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I close my eyes. Deep breath in….and out. IN annnnnnnd OUT. I've got his. Breathe INNNNNNN annnnnd yeah this is EASY! I should have started doing this a long time ago. I should write about this! I could write a book on meditation. What should I write about today when the timer goes off? OH! It’s April! April Fool’s Day! Remember when I pranked my fifth grade teacher and told her I got stung by a bee and I was allergic? As an adult, I can now see why she didn’t find that funny. 

Oh yeah, breathe IN…...and…..OUT. 

I wonder what the sky is doing right now? I can tell the sun is up. I bet it looks pretty. I want to look...but….I can’t open my eyes. I REALLY want to open my eyes. Don’t do it. Maybe just a peek *opens eyes* WOW *quickly shuts eyes* I’m glad I looked. What a sky. It reminds me of the pink sky the night we got in the river in Yosemite. I think that was the coldest water I’ve ever been in--

BREATHE IN….and...OUT. INNNNNN and OUTTTTTTT. IN ANNNNNNNND OUT. My nose itches. My foot itches. INNNNNN and OUT. I think there is a hair on my face, I just need to get it so I can keep meditating. *gets hair off face* ugh my hair is a mess. BREATHE IN and--what am I going to do with my hair when I am 80? Will it be long and white and tangled with twigs like a bird’s nest, or will I someday go for the grandma cut? When does that happen? Is there a set age when that takes place? BREATHE IN AND OUT. *can’t stop picturing myself with grandma hair* Robby will have such cute old man hair. Lucky. 

BREATHE INNNNNNNN annnnnnd OUUUTTTTT. Has it been five minutes yet? It feels like 20. Did I forget to set an alarm? Maybe I’m not good at mediation after all. Why is it so hard? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I clear my head? BREATHE INNNNNNNNN and OUTTTTTT. 

I’m thinking of nothing. Nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. Look at me! I’m doing it!

What’s for dinner tonight?

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