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It’s 2020, basically the future. So why not start a blog--you know, a decade past when it was the thing to do?

I fought this feeling for the past year, because I worried a blog was a step backwards--like burning a copy of a friend's Weezer CD to add to my collection, or using a phone attached to the wall (cord stretched tight and as far away from everyone as I could possibly be). 

But the idea kept nagging at me, pushing itself up to the front of my brain and jabbering loudly when I tried to fall asleep at night. So I finally listened; moved forward. 

I have dreamed up all kinds of ideas of what I would do once this site sprouted to life. Mostly use it to practice daily writing, tiny bits here and there, slowly adding to my story. I hope (no--I PLAN) to write a book in the next coming year or so and this blog is where I will set up camp and start training for the adventure. 

I needed my own space, away from the hustle and bustle of social media. What I’ve found in the scroll-happy world of Instagram, is that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There is so much, so fast. And it’s hard to always control the content consumed when stuck in a panic scroll, thumb furiously swiping up and down and side to side, grasping for the next bit of information. Instagram can be where we meet and say hello (but no handshakes or hugs for the time being;). This space can be where we slowly wander the trails together, discovering the secrets of the mountains. 

So here I am, 2020, birthing a blog. An overflow of my thoughts, a collection of stories, snippets of light I see in the world, even when it seems to be hiding. I am not sure the direction it will go just yet, but I know I need to start; uncover my purpose. A landing place for the things I believe in, pieced together in words and photographs. Most likely my mom is the only one reading (hey, just like 2007). 

And maybe I’m not so out of touch afterall...I mean kids are wearing high-waisted jeans and listening to records these days, so I think blogs may be making a comeback sometime soon. Good thing I’m ahead of the game.

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