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I taught these two how to ride a bike--just yesterday, right? 

From tricycle to training wheels, then

running right behind, death grip on the bike seat until they were ready for me to let go--

I let go…


We spent evenings on bike paths, their tiny feet slowly turning tiny pedals as I ran behind and cheered them on. A few years later, our first trails. I ran, hands on their backs, pushing them up the hills that were just a bit too steep for their small legs to climb. I was right behind them to scoop them up when they tumbled over handlebars into bushes. 

I helped them back on their seats, watched them ride on. 

I couldn’t keep up with them on my feet anymore. I happily hopped on my own two wheels, and assumed my position right behind. Working on when to shift, riding ahead to show them a good line through the rocks. Cheesy motivational mom speeches all along the way, and carrying too many snacks.

And then, 

They ditched me. 

Last night we practiced a race start, I counted them down 3...2...1...GO! 

They were gone. Quite literally left me in a cloud of their dust before I could even get on my bike. I could not stop laughing at the look of it all. I chased them through the aspens, listening for their whoops and hollers as they wound down the trail, out of sight.

I was absolutely giddy. 

Because, isn’t this what hope for, as mothers? That these tiny humans that come into our lives will one day turn out better than us? Faster on bikes, sure--

--but mostly, just all around better humans. More kind, more helpful, more compassionate, just...MORE. Adding their unique selves to the world and making it a better place for everyone to be.

Schools are starting these next few weeks--both classroom learning, online, and many different combinations that are hard for us all to figure out--what is best? There isn’t a right answer.  

But I just hope, pray, cross all my fingers and toes, that all these years of my hand on their backs--pushing, cheering, picking them up when they fall...I’m ready to let go and send them off. 

Full speed ahead, smiling through the dust.

We’re doing it.

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