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There are exactly one million and one things that I do not know. 

Actually, there may be more (but do not tell my kids). 

But I do know this:


me and you and him and her and they and them--

we all breathe the same air. 

In through our nose,

and out. 

We all see, 

with two eyes

the reds of the paintbrush

the blue hues of the lupine

(although what if my red was your blue?)

We watch the shadows hide in the dawn, 

holding on for dear life 

as the light dances in to chase them away.

We all taste 

the salt on our lips,

a craving

a kiss.

We love

We laugh

We cry (some of us more than others).

We hurt

We long

We dream

We sigh

with relief in cool waters at the end of a summer day.



have more in common than it may seem at times.

These times. 

The sun shines for everyone. 

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