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On April 29, 2020, amidst a global pandemic I:

woke up with the sun and sat on my front porch to breathe in the morning. No jacket, no shoes--sun against the brick, warming my sleepy soul. 

I ran through the trees, so little snow the dog had to scavenge the mountain for a drink. 

We shared the trail with butterflies, lizards, and one very startled skunk.

I sat in the creek and let what was left of December run down off the mountaintop and wash over my sun stained skin. 

I trimmed and chopped and picked at dead trees and unruly bushes in the yard, pollen tickling my nose and bees buzzing my head, blossoms readying themselves to put on their show.

I sank my body into the river at the end of the day, closing my eyes as the cold ran through me, and thought...for just a might have been summer. 

And then I forgave April for her snow in the first 24hours of her arrival. 

Today, you made up for it my friend. 

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