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There is much to be said 

about how you look 

when you wake at 4 am. 

You pull clothes on in the dark; mismatched socks.

You choke down breakfast--dry and crumbly, as you drive through what is left of night. 

You arrive at the trailhead, eyes still sleepy when the sun starts to rise. 

You rise with it, begin to climb.

The wind tangles your last night’s braids, 

bakes your sunscreened skin.

On top of the world,

your lips are cracked, one knee bloodied, body parched deep to the bone.

You are, by modern day beauty standards 



a mess.


you snap the photo anyway. 

You are giddy with lack of oxygen, your dirt washed legs ache,

you wipe your salty fingers on your shorts

before you reach them up to grab the sky.

You most likely have some kind of chocolate smeared on your smile.

You are sweating

in all the places.

So ladylike, 

your soul shines.

You are BEAMING, 

because you know

there is much to be said 

about how you look 

when you wake at 4 am.

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